5 + 2!

BUY ALL five packings of LeafGerbs BronchoCare from the list in one waybill.
(code 2576004) Lifherbz BronchoCare pineapple №18 (9x2) blister
(code 2576002) Lifherbz BronhoKear orange №18 (9x2) blister
(code 2576005) Lifherbz BronchoKeir ginger №18 (9x2) blister
(code 2576003) Lifherbz BronhoKeyr lemon №18 (9x2) blister
(code 2576001) ЛифГербз BronhoKayr mint number 18 (9x2) blister
and get in GIFT * two packages of LeafGerbs BronhoKear for selection from the list:
(code 2576029) LeafHerbs BronchoCare pineapple №18 (9x2) blister
(code 2576030) Lifherbz BronchoKeir ginger №18 (9x2) blister
(code 2576026) Lifherbz BronchoKair mint number 18 (9x2) blister
Promotion at a price of 1.2 UAH with VAT
The action is held on the whole territory of Ukraine, except for the zone of conducting environmental protection and temporarily occupied territories.
Terms of the promotion: 1.03.19-31.03.19

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