Company Core Values

• We guarantee the high quality of medicines and medical products at the stage of distribution.
• We provide quality service to operators of the pharmaceutical market and medical institutions.

• We support the positive dynamics in the performance indicators.
• We are guided by professional knowledge and skills in our activities.
• We rely on our own successful experience and experience of the best companies in our industry.

• We set meaningful goals for ourselves.
• We are looking for and creating opportunities for achieving our goals.

• Openness and decency.
• We assume obligations and fulfill them.
• We are ready to assist and support our colleagues.

• We focus on the needs of customers.

• By implementing the mission of protecting the health of the nation, we take responsibility for our own results.

• We strive to do our best, as best as we can.
• We enjoy the results.
• Looking for opportunities for improvements.

• We work in a single conceptual field.
• We correctly allocate roles and responsibilities.
• We strive for mutual understanding and mutual assistance.

We believe that together we can make our nation healthy!

BaDM - We work for you!

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