ECG electrodes are an important element in the information chain. They transmit the received data about the patient’s state to the monitor screen or other media. Previously, reusable electrodes applied in medicine had to be disinfected after each use. In modern medical practice, disposable electrodes are increasingly used that allows to reduce the expenditure for disinfectant gels and other similar agents.

Single-use ECG electrodes have become used in healthcare institutions relatively recently, but have already gained popularity and won the confidence of experienced physicians and medical staff. Single-use ECG electrodes are easy to use. Besides, their application requires a minimum time to conduct a medical examination.

Monitoring ECG electrodes 3M™ Red Dot™ 2560 are used when it is necessary to perform ECG in adult patients in different clinical situations. Electrodes can be worn by the patient for up to 5 days.

Adhesive foam-tape backing and proprietary sticky gel ensure excellent skin contact to get clear ECG indexes.

Electrodes 3M™ Red Dot™ 2560 are packed conveniently: each strip of 10 electrodes is perforated lengthwise allowing to separate and take only the needed number of electrodes.

Electrodes remain fresh for 45 days upon package opening

Electrodes are easily placed and minimize skin irritation for better patient comfort.

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