Portalak appeared recently in the pharmacies of Ukraine, in June 2015. Although in Europe this drug has existed for a quarter of a century. Lactulose that is found in Portalac has a high degree of purification. Thanks to this Portalak causes much less often side effects such as flatulence and allergic reactions. Portalak acts gently, doesn’t irritate the lining of intestines and doesn’t create a painful feeling in the stomach.
Portalak is suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding mothers and babies. Besides, Portalak can be used over a longer period of time without damaging to the health. Also, the benefits of Portalak is the convenience of its usage: it is easily dispensed with spoons, it can be used at any time of the day (but better - in the morning on an empty stomach). In addition, Portalak is nice to the taste that will surely please the youngest patients.

The additional benefit is that Portalak has a prebiotic effect; helps restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Apart from that, Portalalak exhibits antitoxic properties that increase its value when used in patients with impaired liver detoxification function.

Portalak is produced in two drug forms - 500 and 250 ml. Such volumes are justified from the pharmacological point of view since in some cases lactulose shall be taken during several weeks in order to normalize the stools. One pack of Portalac 250 ml will be sufficient on average for a patient during a week, provided that daily intake is 30 ml that corresponds to the daily average dose. Big pack of 500 ml will be relevant for patients with chronic constipation.

The remedy is of high quality and produced by a European manufacturer (Croatia), at that remedy remains affordable.

Your stomach will run like clockwork with Portalak!

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