There are two pieces of news for the pharmacists - one bad and one good: the bad one is that the moratorium for inspections of pharmacies is abolished and the good one is that there is a time to get ready for inspections.
The State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control for the first time during the last three years is given the green light to inspect pharmacies with the entry into force of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1104 dated 18 December 2017 "On approval of the list of state supervision authorities, which are not subject to the Law of Ukraine "On the temporal peculiarities of the taking measures by state supervision authorities in the field of economic activity".
The decision is justified: the economic situation in the county is getting stable and it's time to abolish the forced moratorium. And control at the state level of financial and administrative activities of the pharmacies will finally restore order with the quality and prices for medicines.
Someway or other, but the annual plan of state supervision (control) activities for the year 2018 is approved.
There are plans to inspect about 2K pharmaceutical institutions (for comparison: in 2016 only 178 were inspected).

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