Quality management system as a philosophy of "BaDM" Company

First of all the mission of the company "BaDM" is a concern about the health of the nation by providing pharmacies and medical institutions with guaranteed high-quality medicines and medical devices.
Guarantee the release of quality products can only be provided that the quality of drugs at all stages of the life cycle of the drug: from the choice of the manufacturer to the transfer of the goods to the client. Therefore, in 2008, the company "BaDM" decided to implement a quality management system.
In 2011, the company's management decided to certify all pharmacy stores of "BaDM" for compliance with the requirements of good distribution practices (GDP).
On April 11, 2012, the first certificate of GDP AS No. 1 has been received in Dnepropetrovsk.
For the moment all the Company's pharmacy warehouses have successfully passed the inspection for compliance with the requirements of proper distribution practice and received GDP certificates.
"BaDM" Company as a service company is guided by the philosophy of an all-encompassing quality management (Total Quality Management, TQM). The main objective of the enterprise, in accordance with the principles of TQM, is a balanced satisfaction of all stakeholders (consumers, suppliers, employees, owners, and society as a whole).
The high-level of satisfaction of the interested parties can be achieved only through continuous improvement of all aspects of the company's activities, therefore the management of "BaDM" Company, according to the TQM concept, implies the quality not only the quality of the products or services provided but also the quality of the enterprise as a whole.
The quality policy of "BaDM" Company is focused on building an effective quality management system for the enterprise in accordance with the principles of TQM, ISO, GDP, GSP, deviation management system, risk management system, change management system with a periodic evaluation of the quality management system.
The quality management system covers the organizational structure, procedures, processes, and resources, as well as all the activities necessary to ensure that the quality and integrity of the delivered products is maintained and that it has remained within the legal supply chain during storage and/or transportation.
"BaDM" Company ensures the quality of medicines through an efficiently functioning quality management system at each stage of the distribution business, from the choice of the supplier to the delivery of the drug to the customer of "BaDM" Company, and guarantees that:
  • medicines are procured, stored, delivered in accordance with the rules (requirements) of the GDP;
  • products are delivered to licensed recipients within acceptable time frames;
  • deviations from approved procedures are documented and investigated;
  • to correct deviations and prevent their relapse, appropriate corrective and preventive actions (commonly known as SARA/CAPA) are implemented in accordance with the principles of risk management;
  • all products enter the pharmacy warehouses are inspected by an authorized person;
  • reliable and safe storage is provided in identified storage areas, with appropriate product status;
  • the products are continuously provided with an appropriate temperature regime and humidity control at all stages of distribution;
  • constant monitoring of temperature and humidity;
  • the release into the sale only reliable and safe products;
  • a careful analysis of the orders of the authorities is guaranteed, and a prompt stoppage of the sale of products banned by state-controlled authorities for the quality control of medicines;
  • validated transport and equipment for transportation of thermolabile medicines are used, a temperature regime is provided during transportation and delivery of medicines to the client;
  • the substitution or contamination of the products to be sold with quarantine products is not allowed;
  • each employee of "BaDM" Company works in accordance with the norms of GDP and is aware of its role and its responsibility for the quality of medicines.
The inoculation of the quality system protects patients from poor-quality products, confirms the professionalism of the distributor and the retail network.
The main goal of the manufacturer, distributor, pharmacy and medical institutions is to provide the final consumer with high-quality medicines.

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