2009 - the Company "BaDM" won the All-Ukrainian competition of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry for the first time, receiving the "Panacea" award in the "Distributor of the Year" nomination.

2011 - the Company "BaDM" was recognized as the "Best Distributor of the Year" for the second time.

2012 - the Company "BaDM" received the third award "Panacea" in the nomination "Distributor of the Year".

2013 -The Company "BaDM" once again confirmed its position as the leader among national pharmaceutical distributors at the "Panacea" competition.

2015 - The Company "BaDM" received "Panacea" in the nomination "Distributor of the Year" as recognition by customers and partners.

2016 - The Company "BaDM" became the winner of the contest "Panacea" in 2 nominations:

"Distributor of the Year" and "Top Manager". The best top manager of the year became the Director for Strategic Development of The Company "BaDM" Alexander Sukhodolsky.

2023 - BaDM company has been awarded the "PharmFront" award of "Panaceya" national competition. The award is made from the wreckage of the Kinzhal ballistic missile that was shot down over Kyiv and emphasizes the courage and indomitability that BaDM company showed during the full-scale invasion.

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