Company’s History

1994 - Foundation of the Company BaDM. Construction of business started with the cooperation with three domestic pharmaceutical companies.
1996 - 20 international contracts for the supply of medicines were signed and the company's development strategy as a National distributor on the market was chosen.
1998 - The first regional warehouse in Krivoy Rog was opened.
1999-2001 - Company were growing, creating a network of structural divisions in the cities of Ukraine.
The first multifunctional warehouse and office complex was opened in Dnepropetrovsk.
2000 - Opening of the structural division of the Company BaDM in Kiev.
2002 - Opening of the structural division of the Company BaDM in Kharkov.
2005 - Opening of the structural division of the Company BaDM in Vinnytsia.
2006 - BaDM became the national leader in terms of volume of medications sales.
Direct contracts have been concluded with 79 world-known manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products from 24 countries, and more than 300 contracts with national producers.
New administrative and warehouse center was built in Dnepropetrovsk ( ​​12,000 min area ).
2007 - New warehouse was built in Krivoy Rog ( ​​2500 m2 in area).
Company entered into agreements with 5,000 legal entities and 20,000 pharmacies and medical institutions.
2008 - Structural units were opened in Nikolayev and Poltava.
The warehouse in Donetsk is extended to an area of ​​5 500 m2.
New distribution center was opened in Dnepropetrovsk (area 10 700 m2, height - 12 m).
2009 -  Warehouse in the city of Lvov was opened ( ​​7,000 m2 in area).
BaDM has become for the first time the winner of all-Ukrainian contest of pharmaceutical industry professionals by having received Panacea award in the "Distributor of the Year" nomination.
2011 - BaDM was recognized as the "Best Distributor of the Year" for the second time.
2012 - Warehouse in Rovno (​​2 370 m2 in area) was opened.
"BaDM" received the third award "Panacea" in the nomination "Distributor of the Year".
2013 - BaDM once again confirmed its leading position among national pharmaceutical distributors at the "Panacea" competition.
2015 - BaDM received "Panacea" award in the nomination "Distributor of the Year" in appreciation of its merits by customers and partners.
2016 - BaDM became the winner of the contest "Panacea" in 2 nominations:
"Distributor of the Year" and "Top Manager". Mr. Alexander Sukhodolskyy, the Chief Strategy Officer of BaDM was recognized the best TOP manager of the year.

2022 - in the first year of the full-scale invasion, the BaDM company opened new distribution centers in Lviv and Vinnitsa, fully restored the logistics complex lost during the hostilities in Kyiv region. The structural unit in Mykolaiv is partially operational.

2023 - BaDM company has been awarded the "PharmFront" award of "Panaceya" national competition.
The structural division and the pharmacy warehouse in Kharkiv have fully running to the working schedule.
In order to optimize business processes, regional divisions were restructured into a new logistics system in 7 directions: three western, northern, central, southern and eastern.

Today, BaDM is the leading distributor of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. The company continues to provide all the necessary conditions for supply, storage and transportation of medicinal products throughout Ukraine at the European level. The quality of services and pharmaceutical products is confirmed by international GDP certificates and direct contracts with international and national manufacturers.

BaDM - We work for you!