The Company "BaDM" was founded in 1994. Business construction was started from cooperation with three domestic pharmaceutical companies. And in 1996, 20 international contracts for the supply of medicines were signed and the company's development strategy as a National distributor in the pharmaceutical market was chosen.

Today the Company "BaDM" is one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors in Ukraine. It annually reinforces her position with victories in the nomination "Distributor of the Year".

In its activities, the Company "BaDM" is guided, first of all, by the interests and needs of customers, and this is more than 19 000 pharmacy chains and medical institutions throughout Ukraine.

As a service company, "BaDM" appreciates ​​its reputation and makes the utmost to provide customers with quality service, as well as the end-user - quality drugs.
The Company "BaDM" provides a wide range of medicines and medical products with minimal lack of items.

Today the Company successfully cooperates with 270 foreign and 150 domestic leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. In the product portfolio of The Company "BaDM",  contains approximately 12 000 assortment positions, reckon all forms and dosages.

Guaranteeing the quality of medicines that are delivered to pharmacies and medical institutions, the first thing we pay attention to in our work is the choice of a reliable supplier that is already GMP certified or is at the stage of implementing GMP.
The Company "BaDM" guarantees the quality of medicines at the phase of distribution.

The guarantee of the quality of medicines is the main task of The Company "BaDM". Effective operation of the quality management system at the enterprise ensures that only high-quality medicines with actual expiration dates leave the warehouse of The Company.

In 2011, the company's management decided to certify all pharmacy storages of The Company "BaDM" for compliance with the requirements of competent distribution practices (GDP).

Since 2012, 10 warehouses of the company have been already successfully tested for compliance with the requirements of proper distribution practice and received certificates of GDP.

The Company "BaDM" delivers goods to pharmacies throughout Ukraine.

We serve a large number of outlets located in all regions of Ukraine.

One of the main tasks of The Company "BaDM" is to ensure timely delivery of goods from regional structural divisions directly to our customers' outlets in compliance with all conditions of transportation.

Nowadays, Ukraine has 10 regional structural offices and 11 warehouses, ​​which area is about 60 thousand square meters.

Every year we strive to become even closer to our customers - we improve the quality of the provided service, expand the delivery territory and do not stop there.

As You choosing cooperation with the Company "BaDM", you acquire a reliable partner, which guarantees the high quality of the goods at all phases of distribution.

 As you would like to become a partner of the "BadM" company, please contact Samsonova Natalia [email protected] and Kovalchuk Natalya [email protected].

BaDM - We work for you!