Brand “100 RECIPES OF BEAUTY” – it is an embodiment of women's wisdom across several generations. All the most useful recipes were gathered in various hair care products. All the recipes of the Brand are carefully selected and checked by beauty experts resulting in the effective care products at moderate prices and in a convenient format and design.
Cosmetics of the brand 100 RECIPES OF BEAUTY were developed on the base of real home beauty recipes, enhanced by professionals. We want to give women the beauty and prolong their youth.
The main ingredient of all shampoos is soap nut extract that contributes to the formation of 100% natural foam base. Soap nut foam is pH-balanced that allows eliminating skin dryness and flakiness.
Everyone is sure to find a necessary recipe among the hair care products of brand “100 RECIPES OF BEAUTY”:

You hair will radiate beauty and health with 100 RECIPES OF BEAUTY care products!

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