Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The first signs of heart disease are considered to be the stabbing pains, a weak rapid pulse, shortness of breath during any exercise, poor sleep, constant fatigue and swelling.

ATF-LONG® is a new generation medicinal product that will help you to get rid of pain and improve your well-being.

ATF-LONG® has a positive effect on the central and peripheral hemodynamics indicators, coronary blood circulation, it also normalizes myocardial contractility that allows you to increase endurance and physical strength of a person.

In the case of cardiac ischemia, ATF-LONG® reduces myocardial oxygen consumption, activates the functionality of the heart, increases cardiac output, that decreases the frequency of angina attacks and shortness of breath during sports.

Also, its secure advantage is reflected in possibility to keep this medicinal product without following a specific temperature regime (up to +25 degrees).

Indications for use:
• coronary heart disease, unstable angina, rest and tension angina;
• post-infarction and myocarditic cardiosclerosis;
• tachycardia and other cardiac arrhythmias;
• vegetative-vascular dystonia;
• myocardiodystrophy;
• myocarditis;
• chronic fatigue syndrome;
• in order to increase tolerance to physical exertion.

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