In July 2017 BaDM opened a new modern warehouse complex at the address: Hostomel urban-type settlement, 1, Tsentralnaya Str.
Warehouse facilities put into operation enable to increase substantially capacities of the company by shipment volume, number of clients and quality of service provided to the clients.
New warehouse complex offers new opportunities and prospects!

The following systems were implemented in new warehouse complex:
ü Automated identification system
ü Automatic system of temperature and moisture control with alarm system
ü Modern new-generation fire-extinguishing system.
In addition to the above owing to increased area of refrigerating equipment on new warehouse of BaDM the process of work with cold chain medicinal products was improved; modern racking equipment enabling to minimize mistakes and to increase efficiency was installed.
As of today we can provide delay-free cycle of order batching for our clients and delivery from 1 to 3 times per day to more than 4000 pharmacies in Kiev, Chernigov and Zhytomyr region due to new modern site.
So, the new warehouse complex becomes the basis of long-term development strategy of general market presence of the company.
BaDM as one of largest pharmaceutical distributors of Ukraine is confident that due to the operation of new, modern site it would be able to provide partners with top quality goods providing the highest possible level of service in accordance with GDP standards.


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