IMG_1195.JPGBrand Chistaya Liniya has been caring for many years about natural women beauty and youth. Institute Chistaya Liniya is an advanced research center for studies of the health properties of plants and their effective influence on the skin and hair.
Phyto-cosmetologists, the experts studying the properties and the most effective combinations of plant extracts are involved in development of the brand products.
There are various products for complex hair grooming care in the assortment of Chistaya Liniya Brand.
You may choose shampoo and rinse balm for color-treated hair that preserve the colour and gloss of the hair due to the clover extract content; for the dry and damaged hair Chistaya Liniya offers products with  content of camomile and burdock oil; for thin and weak hair – with wheat and flax-seed extracts. You will be surprised with the volume the products of Chistaya Liniya brand give to your hair after the usage. If your problem is hair prone to greasy roots and dry ends, then oil-regulating shampoo and rinse balm are exactly those products that will help to cope with this problem. Also, assortment of Chistaya Liniya products offers universal shampoos for any type of hair that are suitable for use by all family members (Shampoo Strengthening, Shampoo Berezoviy with birch broth Birch and Shampoo 5 Herbs Power).
Product line “Strengthening”, that with the help of nettle extract of double-strength* makes hair roots stronger and medicinal herb broth protects your hair from damage and reduce hair loss**, deserves special attention.
The cosmetics of Chistaya Liniya brand combines the best that nature can give to keep natural beauty and youth of women. Use Chistaya Liniya shampoos and balms and your hair will be your pride!
*              as compared with previous formulation
**            due to hair fragility
                in the assortment of Chistaya Liniya brand

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