International festival-contest "Choice of the Year" is one of the most famous and authoritative ratings in Ukraine. This year, for the 17th time, the most popular trademarks of our country were announced. More than 2000 nominees competed in different categories for being recognized.
Ukrainians for the second time in succession have recognized "Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa" the best domestic pharmaceutical company of the year. The current success is double: the drug Citramon-Darnitsa produced by the firm has received the title "Choice of the Year" in the nomination "Medicinal Product of the Year for headache."
The peculiarity of the contest "Choice of the Year" is the opinion research of goods and services direct consumers. The leader in each nomination is determined by results of comprehensive market research.
Respondents interviewing and data processing are run by Kantar TNS Ukraine. Research finding are annually audited by Deloitte Ukraine Company.
According to data of all-Ukrainian marketing research of consumers’ preferences representative for adult population aged 18+."Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa" won in the nomination “National Pharmaceutical Company of the Year” receiving support by more than one third of the consumers and overtaking the closest competitor by 23,8%. Citramon-Darnitsa was voted by 26,4% of consumers to be the best in the nomination “Medicinal Product of the Year for headache" among products of domestic and foreign manufacture. 

About the Company

PrJSC “Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa” is one of the major national manufacturers of medicinal products, specializing in production of solid dosage forms, ampouled solutions for injection, drops, soft dosage forms, sterile powders for preparation of solutions for injection and infusion solutions. There are about 250 finished medicinal products in the portfolio of the company.
Based on the materials of Company’s press release
PrJSC “Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa

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