Menovazan Salicylat — to preserve the elasticity of muscles and ligaments and their rapid recovery. Relieves pain, stimulates blood circulation in damaged tissues, relieves muscle spasms around the damaged joint, tones the tissues. Promotes rapid relief from sprains and swelling.

Recommendations for use:
for muscle pain;
for rheumatic pain;
for pain that appears rapidly after bruises;
after bites of mosquitoes and other insects.

Main effect:
✓ Reduces joint and muscle pain.
✓ Improves blood flow.
✓ Reduces inflammatory processes.
✓ Resolves muscle stiffness.
✓ Improves tissue elasticity.
✓ Relieves itching and soreness.

It is recommended to apply to the affected area with massage movements. It may be used to warm up the muscles - before, during or after physical exertion.

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