Kiev hosted a large scale focused event dedicated to drogerie and pharma Industry in November that managed to unite key players in the frame of the forum.
Executives, top-managers of the leading companies gathered together to discuss the newest trends; make the assessment of the issues of concern and prospects of the vast pharmaceutical market.
BaDM’s representative participated in the forum and in the discussion on implementation of best marketing practices and innovative technologies that could strengthen the effectiveness of business processes if correctly applied.
As of today the trends are as follows: the amount of the generated data is increasing so rapidly that it threatens of becoming avalanche; the issue on wide use of Big Data technology in the field of medicine, healthcare and Pharmacia is assuming paramount importance for the companies. In order to keep pace with rapidly developing digital world, the distributing and pharmaceutical companies and all scientific and medical community shall be promptly involved in the development of modern, new for the industry, methods and scripts designed for the analysis of huge and mega huge amounts of data.
Today, when healthcare system is at the threshold of strategic changes and implementation of insurance medicine with the introduction of medical reform, technologies used to analyse Big Data could provide a solution for multitude issues. Major breakthrough in technologies applied for storage, using and further processing of increasing amounts of information are of the highest relevance. Big Data is already knocking at the doors of top-ranking officials and now the arrival of this technology can hardly be ignored.
The latest achievements in data analysis provide an opportunity to take into consideration everything starting from the date of birth and genetic component up to the healthy habits and bad habits that each of us has developed in course of life, and these achievements shall be used to diagnose diseases and methods of their treatment, to estimate the effectiveness of the treatment programme, prospects and pending sales volume of pharmaceutical products.

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