ledenec-halykoo-happy-trip2.jpgConcept of Halykoo products is Swiss quality, usability and safety for babies from the first days of their life. And that is why Ukrainian healthcare professionals responsible for preservation of life and health of newborn babies choose Halykoo.
Halykoo are innovative Swiss products to restore and strengthen the health for a cold, flu cough, high temperature, diaper dermatitis, skin irritation, motion sickness, itching assosiated with insect bites, dehydration, intoxication for babies and children under 12 years.
Contrad Swiss SA, a company manufacturing Halykoo products, guarantees the highest quality of their products. Thorough process of development and manufacturing on the productions facilities in Europe comply with the highest quality standards, and observance of logistic rules and statutory requirements ensures safety and efficiency of company’s products.
Multinational team of professionals researches international pharmaceutical market and based on the findings of this analysis they develop umbrella brands of the products offering effective solutions for consumers.
Halykoo products are developed using formulas combining precise dosage, gentle action and natural ingredients.
Halykoo products line is developed for smiles on children's faces and calmness of those who care about them.
AERA is Halykoo products line to strengthen the immune system and to relieve coughing and sore throat.
DERMA is Halykoo products line to restore and protect baby’s skin
GASTRO is Halykoo products line to restore and maintain the metabolism and digestion in children.

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