A pharmacist is a high-level specialist with higher education in pharmaceutics engaged in storage, production, and sale of pharmaceutical products. In translation from Latin pharmacist means "provident" or "envisaged".
In most countries of the world, any person who worked in a pharmacy might be called a pharmacist. But today this profession is subdivided into following specialties production-pharmacist (manufactures medicines), pharmacist-analyst (controls quality of the medicines) and others. Besides, the pharmacist may control the business activity of a pharmacy and medicines dispensing.

Clinical pharmacist 

Currently, the number of medications is increasing, and the number of OTC medicines has also increased. There are more and more people who want to undergo self-treatment. Therefore, specialists have to advise more and more patients regarding the time of taking medication, dosage, compatibility with other drugs. It is also necessary not to forget to tell about conditions of storage and compatibility of medicines with food.
Hospital pharmacist
Hospital pharmacists purchase pharmaceutical products and work in general hospitals. Together with a doctor, this specialist helps to conduct medical therapy of patients, also monitors medications, and tells the staff about the properties of new medicines that come to the hospital from a pharmacy network. 

Clinical research pharmacist 

The duties of a clinical research pharmacist include clinical and preclinical testing of pharmaceuticals. The clinical research pharmacist plays an important role in assisting a physician who plans and runs tests of various pharmaceutical products. 

Laboratory technician– pharmacist 

A student in medical university gains knowledge in the field of biology, chemistry, toxicology, and also learns how to handle the laboratory equipment. This provides the opportunity to get a job in a laboratory that is engaged in biological research after graduating from the university.
Medical representative of pharmaceutical company
The majority of those who wondered about who such a pharmacist is, couldn’t even imagine that he/ she can act as a marketing specialist or a medical representative. However, this is true indeed. Medical representatives, who are also pharmacists, are engaged in the promotion of pharmaceutical medicines for hospitals, clinics and pharmacy chains. In addition, they quite often are the organizers of medical conferences on medicines. 

Pharmacist – marketing specialist 

This specialist is responsible for data collection and analysis in respect of the products of a medical company, marketing research and competitors’ activity.

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