Crisis phenomena on the pharmaceutical market have already passed. Starting from 2016 all players of domestic pharmaceutical market demonstrate only active growth. In this regard, the demand for professionals of all directions is growing.
From month to month, the number of qualified specialists in the labor market is becoming less and less. Alternatively, the requirements are becoming stricter but the employees’ proficiency remains at the same level that does not always suite the employer. The domestic pharmaceutical industry spotted new opportunities in the crisis and began to implement them actively.
The outflow of specialists abroad is actively decreasing; the domestic pharmaceutical companies are slowly but getting adapted to the salary expectations of the applicants, and the wages requests of many potential employees are becoming less strict. It is almost improper to link the wages to the US dollar rate, although a year ago, it was relevant, and every second applicant tried to link its wage level to foreign currency.
The representative offices of foreign pharmaceutical companies reduced the personnel in 2014-2015, today against the backdrop of steady exchange rate the foreign companies are trying to secure a foothold in the market and understand where to move on.
The number of personnel is not practically increasing and there is nobody left to be reduced. Specialists that have been thrown away on the market for the past two years by the crisis were actively collected by domestic companies that several years ago could only dream about such valuable personnel.
It is worthwhile noting that almost all domestic manufacturers enhance or actively upgrade their productions facilities. New manufacturing sites are being set up in regions. All these factors offer the possibility for active enlargement and growth despite “special” attention of the state to the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine.
Last years the demand for personnel has increased also due to the pressing need of Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers to be in line with the international standards of GMP (good manufacturing practice). This standard requires deeper and more standardized approach to the whole manufacturing process. Due to this fact, domestic manufacturers have to establish and enlarge whole divisions dealing with monitoring the changes and brining the existing system in accordance with the international standards. It is possible to say that the demand for personnel in the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine is being fueled by domestic pharmaceutical companies offering the applicants the stable, paid well enough employment with prospects for further development and growth. The trend for job search exactly in the given segment of companies is being formed since people want to be confident in the future and this confidence whilst can be offered by domestic players of the market.

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