antiseptic.pngViruses, bacterium, microbes and other unfriendly microorganisms can cause serious and extremely unpleasant diseases. But there are products capable of protecting us from aggressive elements of the environment – these are antiseptics and disinfectants. Three fourth of tactile contacts are accrued to hands. That is why it is so important to ensure if not sterility of our hands but at least their safety.
Modern antiseptics provide not only practical but also convenient usage, as apart from disinfectant agents they contain substances keeping the hands soft.
LLC ViK-A is Ukrainian manufacturer and supplier of anti-infective agents for the full range of disinfecting measures from current, preventing and quick disinfection of surfaces, sterilization of instruments and medical devices. 

MANORM trade mark

Just a few words about production: software managing the production process of disinfectants has been specially developed for LLC ViK-A. One of the key elements needed for production of MANORM antiseptics is water. Water for the production of antiseptics shall be ultra-pure, that is why a team of specialists are constantly working on proper water constitution. MANOR team in average is able to complete three production cycles per day. This is very high productivity index allowing increasing and improving the results.
Quality management system ISO 13485: 2009, the highest quality standard for medical devices manufacturers, is implemented in the production site.
The assortment is represented by the following products:

Hands antiseptic (spray) MANORM

It’s more than just an alcohol based antiseptic. Ideal formulation and fixed composition ensure reliable protection of your skin. The product not only disinfects hands but due to the content of panthenol heals minor skin damages. Glycerin moisturizes and cares about beauty and health.

Product line also offers various colours of antiseptic spray to choose from, each colour has its own fragrance:

Hands antiseptic (gel) MANORM

New format of antiseptic in the form of gel that is very convenient to use! Stickness – it’s not about this antiseptic. Gel is a very good alternative in the situation when it’s not convenient to use spray.
Ingredients: isopropyl alcohol, treated water, flavorant, glycerin, panthenol.
All products have been tested and officially registered by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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