BaDM exclusively represents on the market of Ukraine MULTI-TABS D3 medication produced by the world's largest pharmaceutical company Pfizer.
The article in the magazine Contemporary Pediatrics issued in November 2017 helped to find the answers to numerous topical questions in respect of vitamins in general and in respect of importance of vitamin D 3 in particularly.
Does vitamin deficiency require correction? Glyadelova Natalia, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, PhD in medical sciences, representative of National Medical Academy of postgraduate education named after P.L. Shupyk expressed her expert commentary on this important issue following our request.
Vitamins are micronutrients that are among essential nutritional factors. The number of children with vitamin and mineral deficiency of various degrees intensity is constantly growing. Subclinical deficiency of vitamins is extremely rarely diagnosed by family physician due to the absence of characteristic symptoms. However, this condition, being the first stage of hypovitaminosis, shall not be underestimated. When it comes about vitamins and vitamin deficiency, modern scientific data allow to highlight vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency has grown into a pandemic and is an actual problem for both the children and for adults and the elderly.
Prevention of vitamin deficiency and, especially, deficiency of vitamin D, individual adjustment of vitamin preparations should be a priority for pediatricians, as well as for doctors working with adults.

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