The outstanding research and practice conference with international participation “Gynecological disorders. Is there the unclosed window of opportunities?" was held in Kiev in November 2017. The event became the platform for discussion of topical issues related to maintenance of reproductive health of women and gathered in the conference hall several hundreds of specialists-practitioners in obstetric-gynecologic field. The efforts of companies Gedeon Richter and Bionorica make it possible to bring together so competent professional audience from different parts of Ukraine in one place for many years in succession. This year Gedeon Richter, traditionally “setting the tone” of work in the field of maintenance of women’s health, transported the participants of the event to the future with the help of their digital panels and screens that met the invited to the conference persons. Therewith anybody who wanted could obtain comprehensive information on present-day pharmaceutical products from product portfolio of the company as well as enjoy the amazing graphic and visual effects that demonstrate innovative vector of activity of Gedeon Richter.
Gedeon Richter Company that actually stood at the origins of development of oral contraceptives wholeheartedly devoted itself to the mission of maintenance of women’s health. Pursuing the principle of "harmony and unity”, Gedeon Richter Company succeeds in the introduction into market of medicinal products that solve several problems related to reproductive health simultaneously: treatment of gynecological disorders, efficient birth control and correction of aesthetic defects. As a result today’s representatives of the fair sex can face the future with confidence wend their way through life hand in hand with such reliable partner in control of health as Gedeon Richter. Plus, the
Company cares so gynaecologist could prescribe the best medicinal product taking into account individual peculiarities of almost every woman.
Possibility of implementation of the individual approach to treatment of gynecological disorders due to modern medicinal products of “Gedeon Richter” company was repeatedly accentuated by speakers within the reports presented on the international research and practice conference. The red line of the whole conference was the interdisciplinary approach to solution of various gynecological problems.
Source: apteka_ua

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