TV advertising in the pharmaceutical industry is very popular. During the six months of 2017, the advertising budget exceeded $ 1.75 billion, compared with $ 1.5 billion last year.
Regarding its outlays for TV adverts, the “champion” is the American company AbbVie.
The budget for advertising only one drug “Humira” was 158 million dollars. According to the results of June 2017, the company allocated 22.3 million dollars to finance the television advertising of this drug.
The second place is occupied by Pfizer. To promote “Lyrica” on television, $ 98 million was spent.
The company Eli Lilly is in the third place. The TV advertising expenses for “Trulicity” was $ 94 million, and it is as much then the whole last year when the company spent $ 57 million.
Totally, pharmaceutical companies spent $ 115 million on advertising medicines on television in June. Such tendencies give rise to predict these expenditures will be significant again in 2017.  

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