Sandoz arranged live broadcast of the international webinar in an effort to increase awareness of the medical community as to antibiotic therapies.
Sandoz arranged web broadcast of the scientific event designed at increasing the access to information on proper antibiotics therapies for the HCPs (Healthcare professionals) in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and outside the region, including Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA).
The main theme of the scientific event was “Combat Infections to Save Lives”
Digital platforms were used to broadcast simultaneously to many countries of the region for the execution of the event. Such doctors as pulmonologists, therapeutics, otolaryngologists, podiatrists, generalists were invited to take part in the event for further distribution of received scholarly knowledges.
Shortly before the event Francesco Balestrieri,  Head of Sandoz CEEMEA noted: “Our goal at Sandoz is to increase access to high-quality medicines, medical information and medical capacity to millions of people every year. We are constantly searching innovative ways of collaboration with the medical community to achieve this goal.”
Mortality due to infectious diseases is a primary cause of death in countries with low income. In the focus of the event conducted by Sandoz there were the following topics:

Apart from facilitation of the access to the effective medicines and medical information Sandoz as one of the leading global suppliers of generic pharmaceuticals undertook the responsibility in combating the global problem of antimicrobial resistance. Antimicrobial resistance as defined by the WHO (World Health Organization) is one of three foremost threats to global public health, and combating this threat is the main theme of World Antibiotic Awareness Week currently run by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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