023.jpgAccording to the World Health Organization obesity is one of the main health problems of the 21 century. Starting from 1980-s obesity in Europe started growing at alarming pace. Besides, that obesity causes different types of physical and psychological problems, the overweight significantly increases risk for development of non-communicable disease including cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.
Only 1 % of all cases of overweight in children is associated with genetic diseases. Only 1 %! The cause of the rest cases is connected with eating habits in family, low level of food culture and genetic predisposition.
If this trend continues, the number of overweight young children (aged from 0 to 5 years) in the world would grow up to 70 million by 2025. Unless measures are taken, the babies and preschoolers will continue to suffer from obesity at an early, adolescent and adult age.
Say no to empty calorie foods!
NUTRIGEN NUTRIFOODS Products help combating the problem of children obesity!
We would like to draw attention at tasty and health new product that may become an alternative to sweets and cookies.
These are instant fiber based puddings that were specially developed to solve the problem of children obesity. High content of dietary fibers contributes to the normal functioning of the stomach and intestine, creates a feeling of satiety, and helps to control the weight. Vitamins and minerals promote normal physical development and overall strengthening of the body health status. The product does not contain GMO, sugar, gluten or sweeteners and is also suitable for diabetes.
It’s quick and easy to prepare these puddings: pudding is ready just in 3 minutes! Add favorite fruits into the pudding and create new tastes for the whole family.
024.jpgNUTRIGEN NUTRIFOODS can also be used as low-calorie fillings for the pies with the flavour of cocoa and strawberry.
Nutrigen Nutrifoods Strawberry Pudding contains: 5g of dietary fibers, vitamins А, D, Е, С, minerals I, Cr, Se, Zn. One packing containing 25 calories can be divided into 5 portions.
Nutrigen Nutrifoods Cocoa Pudding contains: 5g of dietary fibers, vitamins А, D, Е, С, minerals I, Cr, Se, Zn. One packing containing 30 calories can be divided into 5 portions.

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