Dietary supplements are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that affect the body's metabolic processes. If you suffer from unbalanced diet, stress or changing seasons, they help to quickly compensate for the lack of nutrients.

Dietary supplement "Peter Pan" from the manufacturer "Vitapak" is a fortified bar based on tender coconut pulp, covered with chocolate glaze. The handy form allows to take it with you to school, training or work and replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals throughout the day, without wasting time preparing vitamin mixtures. And children like their taste a lot!

Vitapak range offers a wide selection of vitaminize bars with different tastes and characteristics that includes needs of both adults and children.

Try all 9 flavors and choose your favorite one:
  1.  In milk glaze
  2.  In chocolate glaze with cocoa
  3.  In white glaze
  4.  In cranberry-flavored milk glaze
  5.  In blueberry - flavored milk glaze
  6.  In milk glaze with calcium
  7.  With the taste of tropical fruits, taste: "Mango"
  8.  With a fruit cocktail, taste: "Multi fruit»
  9.  With trace elements, taste: "Strawberry-Banana»

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