As a rule, graduating students of chemist and pharmacist specialty take their jobs in a pharmacy or pharmaceutical company. But there are a lot of students who completed pharmaceutical education are trying to fulfil themselves in other businesses. One reason for this is relatively low salary. In an attempt to improve income level, certified pharmacists look for their place in related industries offering higher income. Where else can the graduating students from pharm universities apply their special knowledge and skills except for pharmacies and production?
Andrey Anuchin, the General Manager of an agency PHARMA PERSONNEL, knows the answer to this question.
One may develop and open his potential in the pharmaceutical business endlessly, because the life cycle of the pharmaceuticals includes several stages - research and development, production, distribution, retail sale in a pharmacy, promotion. Highly qualified specialists with pharmaceutical education are much in demand at each stage. This is an opportunity for pharmacists to get a job to their liking that offers decent income.
Research and development
There are about 40 international companies operate on the market of clinical research in Ukraine. In this area a key specialty is a clinical trial specialist. The task of such specialist is to control protocoling process of drug research and interact with physicians conducting the research.
Specialists with higher pharmaceutical education can also try themselves in a clinical research organization as a clinical research assistant. This position is interesting and top-paying (about 1.5 thousand US dollars a month). But it is important to take into account that basically it is an international work that requires knowledge of the English language and is associated with frequent business trips to different countries, clinics, conferences.
Distribution segment
Work in a distribution pharm company in Ukraine also offers salary higher than pharmacist’s salary in a drug store. Specialists with higher pharmaceutical education are also wanted, for example, to a position of sales manager. Communication skills and knowledge of pharmaceuticals are evaluated when being hired. Communication with pharmacies, identification of clients’ needs, purchase promotion and support, control over delivery fulfilment are within the scope of sales manager responsibilities. Skills in active sales are also needed.
Sphere of Promotion
Promotion of medicines is equally important as development and production. If nobody promotes the medicines on the market and keep the doctors, pharmacies, patients informed, the medicines will never leave the production warehouse. According to the data provided by the agency PHARMA PERSONNEL, there are currently about 200 advertising teams actively working in Ukraine. These are outsourcing, domestic and foreign companies. There are totally about 17 thousand people working in the sphere of promotion.
As well the specialists with pharmacist diploma can work in the field service. The need for specialists of this type has recently increased significantly. It connected with the fact that doctors are willing less to work as medical representatives, and go into private medicine. But whatever position the pharmacist holds by education, there is always a possibility and perspective of further professional and, accordingly, material growth.
Today the pharmaceutical market is quite structured, but at the same time, it is highly competitive and actively developing. Therefore, there are a lot of alternative employment options in the pharmaceutical business for motivated specialists with pharmaceutical education and desire to work.

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