"Ecoshyck" – the key to accurate test results

The reliability of the analysis results depends on not only the laboratory that will carry them out, but the correct preparation for the analysis and the sterility of the process of sampling is the first thing to control. Even the most modern equipment and qualified doctors won't be able to guarantee accuracy if the basic rules of material sampling were ignored.
Do not use household containers. Research material should be transported in disposable plastic containers. Any fouling, dust, and even remnants of detergents will cause significant deviations in the results of tests, which can follow the incorrect diagnosis and treatment.

Mothers with babies should be very careful, because the most common mixing of materials appears with materials for analysis taken from babies. The presence of urine in feces analysis can significantly change the results of the test. Therefore, everyone who is preparing to undergo medical tests must take care of the sterility of the procedure and sampling fecal matter in a container for analysis without foreign impurities (urine, fat, water).

A unique container for sampling feces with a paper box TM "Ecoshyck" has been developed for the above-mentioned purpose. This container is an incredibly convenient design that will make the material sampling process fast and hygienic, and the results of analyses will be accurate.

Advantages of «Ecoshyck»:

The set includes:
  1.   container for fecal sampling 20ml;
  2.     a shovel for sampling feces;
  3.     paper box for the toilet;
  4.     disposable gloves.

The usage of «Ecoshyck» - is the key to accurate analysis!

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