Meet a new product of the Aflubin® brand - Aflubin® ImmuneFast!Triple immunity support!

Up to 10 million people in Ukraine annually suffer from colds (including SARS). What if we told you that there is a remedy for improving the quality of life for 10 million people during this disease and during the recovery stage?
Such a product is a dietary supplement Aflubin® ImmuneFast – triple immune support during and after the cold!

Thanks to a specially developed formula (powerful plant extracts, vitamins, minerals), Aflubin® ImmuneFast has a strong triple action:
1. Supports the immune system
2. Helps to maintain energy level
3. Soothes irritation in the throat, calms the cough

Recommended for children aged starting 7 years old and adults. The product is completely in the food trend of modern people: without sugar/gluten/lactose/artificial colors and preservatives, suitable for vegans.

Made in Switzerland.

Aflubin® ImmuneFast has great potential in the category of immunostimulating drugs, because it works as a complex: it supports the immune system + gives strength and energy + relieves throat irritation during colds and after recovery.

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