In almost every country in the world, there is a trend towards ageing of the population so the senile asthenia is growing more urgent. The researchers from the United States has detected that the use of analgesics and soporific provokes this condition.

The scientists from the Florida Atlantic University have found that taking of both sleeping pills and pain medication in older age may lead to the development of senile asthenia syndrome (SAS). The risk for SAS development increases if patients took both classes of drugs concurrently.

The scientists analyzed health information of more than 7 200 patients from the United States for an eight-year period. The average age of the participants was 72 years, and none of them had SAS symptoms at the moment of entering the trials.

After taking into consideration the factors that likely affect the final result, the authors of the research have found out that taking analgesics was associated with increased risks of developing SSA by 58% as compared with subjects who did not use these drugs. Also, it was revealed that taking sleeping pills contributed only 35% to such risk increase. The risk of occurrence and development of SSA increased by 95% in the case the sleeping pills and analgesics were taken concurrently.

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