ASCORIL - combined cough medicine

Cough is one of the most frequent and long-lasting symptoms of acute respiratory diseases. ARI fever usually passes in 3-5 days, a runny nose in a week, and an acute cough can last up to 3 weeks or more. In other words, it is often the cough that determines the duration of the disease.

Since the patient usually has several manifestations of respiratory tract damage, up to 5-7 medications can be prescribed at the same time. The result of such pharmacotherapy is a low propensity of patients to treatment, an increase in the recovery time and complications of the disease.

That is why of particular relevance is a combined medicine. Their main advantage is the availability of the necessary active ingredients for complex treatment of diseases in a single form.

Among the most famous combined medicines for the treatment of cough, ASCORIL takes pride of place, primarily due to its successful composition, which contains three effective components - bromhexine, guaifenesin and salbutamol. They provide a comprehensive approach to the treatment of cough in various respiratory diseases accompanied by bronchospasm - they show
broncholytic, expectorant and mucolytic effects.

It is important to note that this combination takes into account the anatomical and physiological features of the respiratory tract of the child, which is one of the success factors for the use of ASCORIL in pediatric practice in children from 2 years old.

Today ASCORIL is available in four forms:
* ASCORIL expectorant in the form of syrup for 100 ml and 200 ml
* ASCORIL in the form of tablets of 20 PCs and 50 PCs in a package

This allows us to take into account the individual needs of patients of different ages and the peculiarities of their pathology.

INDICATIONS: secretolytic therapy for diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by bronchospasm and the formation of a viscous secret.

The medication shall be used as prescribed and under the supervision of a doctor.

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