Devisol strong - a delicious dose of vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 deficiency is one of the main public health problems worldwide. In the northern countries, up to 80% of the population suffers from vitamin D3 deficiency . In the southern regions - up to 50%. The problem is also common for Ukrainians.

Regular application of D3 helps to prevent diseases, treat pathologies of internal organs and a recipe for good health.

DeviSol Strong is easy to use chewable tablets with a pleasant taste containing 50 mcg of well-absorbed vitamin D3.

This medicinal product has an unique composition, since it does not contain the following elements:
✖ lactose ✖ gluten ✖ soy ✖ yeast ✖ gelatin ✖ sugar

It is recommended for application as the supplement source of the vitamin D3.

Advantages of DeviSol strong are the following:
✓ has an unique pharmaceutical form that has no analogues in Ukraine;
✓ is more easy to use than drops or capsules;
✓ allowed to pregnant and lactating mothers;
✓ as well as vegetarians can use it.

5793001 DeviSol Strong tablets 50 mcg 100 food supplement.
5793002 5793001 DeviSol Strong tablets 100 mcg 100 food supplement.

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