Fungus is a problem that becomes most urgent on the eve of spring and summer, when the time of sandals approaches. Often, patients begin to struggle with cosmetic manifestations of the disease (changes in the shape, thickness and color of the nail, peeling, inflammation of the skin of the feet), ignoring the cause of such changes and the pathogen. Therefore, the treatment of nail fungus seems to be a problem, sometimes impossible.

EXIK - a line of products that actively overcomes the fungus and eliminates its symptoms.

EXIK cream - an antifungal medicinal product in the form of a cream, penetrating the skin destroys the fungus, and prevents its spread and development. The cream relieves inflammation, itching, peeling of the skin of the feet.

EXIK solution is an antifungal drug in the form of a solution that penetrates the skin and affected nail plate, blocks further nail damage, and destroys the fungus. The solution relieves inflammation and itching of the skin, stops nail damage, and promotes its healthy recovery.

EXIK START is a combined antifungal agent that contains Naftifin hydrochloride - an antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory component, and salicylic acid, which has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effects. The complex action of these active ingredients helps to stop the development of fungal infection in the nail and skin, as well as soften the rough skin of the feet.

Local treatment of fungal infections:
fungal skin infections;
- inter-finger Mycoses;
- fungal nail infections;
- skin candidiasis;
- pityriasis versicolor,
- inflammatory dermatomycoses accompanied by itching or without it.

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