Emergency action plan for pharmacies is announced

The German pharmaceutical society workgroup on emergencies and disaster (AG KatPharm) has developed a list of recommendations for emergencies, epidemics, supply problems and other disasters.
"The emergency plan should be regularly reviewed and become a part of the quality management system," – emphasizes Sven Seisselberg, Board member of AG KatPharm.

In this difficult period, pharmacies are under a huge burden. In addition to the usual care of patients, they have to deal with issues and organizational problems related to the risk of COVID-19 spreading. Recently, the main attention was paid to the problems of supply and, in particular, to the internal pharmacy production of disinfectants and protective clothing. In the next few weeks, pharmacies will probably have to face even more challenges.

What should pharmacies do about the COVID-19 outbreak?

"Managers have to ask themselves, what is necessary for pharmacy being working properly. Firstly: the staff. Are there contact details and addresses of all employees, as well as potential helpers who can assist in an emergency, such as former employees or acquaintances? How can we protect the working staff from infection? All this is related to quality management." – said S. Kisselberg.

Every pharmacy should have a hygiene and disinfection plan. In addition, AG KatPharm recommends following the recommendations of the International Association of pharmacists.

The risk of infection of employees increases if the rules set out in the document are not followed:

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