Helper is an effective aid for damage to the skin surface. Thanks to its special formula, the cream has a soothing antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates tissue healing and protects against the development of infections.

Dexpanthenol helps to speed up the healing process of wounds and skin damage.
Chlorhexidine, known for its antiseptic properties, cleanses and disinfects the skin without causing damage.
Ceramides are special bioenzymes with a regenerating effect. They normalize the water balance of the epidermis; eliminate the feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin.

Helper is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Recommended for use in the following cases:
✓ scratches;
✓ cuts;
✓ cracks in the skin;
✓ burns;
✓ pustules;
✓ cracked nipples in nursing women.

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