Lactacyd® Intimate gel-lubricant (Lactacyd® Caring Glide) imitates a natural lubricant and eliminates the friction associated with the dryness of the pubic area during sexual relations.

✓ The gentle water-based formula promotes intense hydration
✓ Does not contain any flavorings or colorings.
✓Enriched with natural L-lactic acid, keeps a natural pH balance of pubic area
✓ Hypoallergenic
✓ Dermatologically tested
✓ Convenient and compact package format: 50 ml, with dispenser
✓Compliant with preservatives.

Instruction for use: squeeze a few drops and apply to the pubic area.

The pubic area is protected by a natural layer against bacteria and infections. This protective acid layer with its components and pH level ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. But as soon as the natural pH level is disturbed, this can lead to consequences such as:

These problems may be caused by the following factors: use of soap, synthetic or too tight underwear, aggressive laundry products, sex, periods, or antibiotics. The soap contains a high pH level and can destroy the natural acid layer of the pubic area. Using water to clean the pubic area has a cleansing effect, but it cannot keep a natural protective balance in the pubic area. For this very reason, Lactacyd is ideal for pubic area care.

Lactacyd is aimed at women's health needs and gives special care. For more than 60 years Lactacid has been a leader in caring women's intimate hygiene. Millions of women trust us.

Water, glycerin, propylene glycol, cellulose gum, carbomer, methylparaben, ethylparaben, sodium hydroxide, lactic acid.

Precautionary measures:
Stop using if irritation occurs. Do not use in case of allergy to the components. This product is not a contraceptive. Wash your hands before use. Use for 12 months after opening. Store at temperature 15°C-25°C.

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