More than 230 nanopreparations are at the research stage

The analytical company GlobalData reports that today there are more than 230 nanopharmaceutical drugs at the stage of trial. 3/4 of them are developments for the fight against cancer. 

Nanopharmaceuticals is a relatively new class of drugs that contains nanomaterials.

According to the "Nanopharmaceuticals — Thematic Research" report provided by GlobalData, 45% of the drugs tested are monoclonal antibody conjugates (which deliver toxic substances directly to target cells by specific binding). The projected top three sales leaders by 2025 are the drugs Enhertu ($3.6 billion), Adcetris ($2.1 billion) and Kadcyla ($1.9 billion).

Other types of nanopreparations that will be used in targeted cancer therapy include smart nanocarriers that release the active substance from the tumor using an internal or external trigger, such as a change in pH, electric or magnetic field, heat, or ultrasound. 

GlobalData's Research Director, Catherine Whitney, said: "non-targeted cancer therapy may have serious side effects due to its effect on healthy tissues as well. Targeted therapy methods are designed to improve the effectiveness of treatment of patients with cancer. We believe that in the near future nanomedicine will be a breakthrough in this field, because we need to consider the fact of the rapid grow of the cancer over the next 10 years."

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