According to the survey conducted by the consulting firm Decision, the physicians in the USA are willing to devote less time communicating with medical representatives.

Based on the survey, more than half from 1285 of the responded physicians, simply don’t have time to meet up with medical representatives. There is a downward trend in the share of the working hours of the physicians they devote to communication with medical representatives. In 2018 this rate was 67% and in 2019 it decreased to 54%.

The survey points out that over the past half-year there has been increased from 24% to 39% in the number of physicians who have never been in contact with medical representatives.

And it is the general practitioners who dislike most of all the pharmaceutical representatives. If in 2018 their number was 21%, in 2019 this rate amounts to 40%.

There has also been an addition (from 2% to 8%) to the rate of highly specialized physicians (for example, gastroenterologists) who refused to communicate with medical representatives.

The physicians responded to the survey had said that most often they obtain necessary information about the pharmaceutical market from the Internet. 49% of the respondents said that it is possible to find an answer to absolutely any their question and do without medical representatives.

The specialized sites are gaining more traction in the USA among the physicians. 46% of the responders in 2019 consider these sites to be a reliable source against 27% in 2017. The information obtained from such sources impacts the decisions made by 37% of physicians about medicating against 27% in 2016.

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