Pediculosis is an inconvenient problem, people whisper about it. This is an infestation of lice and nits.

Many people think that Pediculosis is a contact disease and a problem of "dysfunctional families", but this is a mistaken view. However, the main criterion for infection is the lack of respect for distance, and not the cleanliness of the hair.

Lice are small insects that feed on human blood. They do not fly or jump. They can only crawl over from the carrier. They lay 7-9 pear-shaped eggs (nits). After 7-10 days, the nits that are fed from the adhesive liquid with which they are attached to the hair become full-fledged parasites and begin to lay new nits. Therefore, the lesions acquire a geometric progression after a week.

What do we need to know?

It is much easier for a parasite to bite clean scalp, without excess fat layer. That is why clean hair attracts lice. Lice can live on belongings without food for up to 48 hours.
Remedies for pediculosis should be effective against both types of lice and nits. Such medication include the remedies of the French manufacturer of Laboratory Gilbert - Parasites and Parasites +with the comb in the kit.

You should follow all the instructions when using. Failure to follow the actions described in the instructions will result in ineffective use.
In the case of the medication with mechanical action, such as Parasidoz + with a comb, which affect the chitin of parasites, dehydrate them, and dissolve the adhesive substances in nits, there is no resistance to such medication and it always works. The presence of lice after use is most likely the result of repeated infection. Especially if all personal items were not additionally processed, or the distance from the carrier was not observed.

The criteria “didn't work” is a result of failure to follow instructions, for example: a head was not covered or the application time was not carried out properly.
In the case of the medication with neurotoxic effects, it should be mentioned that they belong to the old generation of medication that paralyze insects acting on their nervous system. The active substance or Malathion, Permin, permethrin, phenothrin. Such drugs require control of usage through the day and through the week.
For example, the shampoo Parasidoz with neurotoxic action and the active substance d-phenotrin in combination with camphor and acetic acid needs to be used as a control application after 24 hours.

Addiction (resistance) may occur to the medications of neurotoxic action and its active substance, for example, a malathion-based agent or permine has already been used, so the medication may be ineffective, or non-compliance with the instructions may occur.However, such medications can treat the entire family within one vial. Moreover, in a very short time - for 6 minutes. Shampoo Parasidoz can be used for children aged from 2.5 years.

Remember: no one has immune from pediculosis. The medication Parasites from the Laboratory of Gilbert works fights against lice and nits.

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