The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will improve regulation of prices at all medicines from the National List of Essential Medicines when making procurement for healthcare institutions financed from the budget starting from July 2019.

State regulation will be implemented by setting the marginal wholesale selling prices at the medicine by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine based on the prices at the medicine registered in the Republic of Poland, the Slovak Republic, the Republic of Latvia and Hungaria.

According to the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection, the National List of Essential Medicines consists of 427 medicines with proven efficiency. About 60 medicines of the list are popular among Ukrainians and most often used by them. In monetary terms, they make up about 80% of the total purchases volume in the regions.

Thus, the prices at medicines from the national list shall not be higher than the prices in five neighboring countries. The restriction of prices will be applied to those medicines, which price in Ukraine is higher than the prices in the reference countries, and annual sales volume of which is more than 5 million UAH.

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