Phytocream “Apteckar” - the healing power of nature

Phytocream “Apteckar” is a carefully selected combination of natural components, plant extracts and vitamins. This unique composition helps rapid healing of non-purulent wounds and any other skin damages.

The phytocream takes care about the restoration of the skin. That is all because of the time-approved magic power of nature which is the most effective thing for treatment.

Sea buckthorn extract, which contains a large amount of vitamins A and E, helps to speed up the process of tissue regeneration, and fulfills the skin with vitality.

Extracts of calendula and St. John's wort, which have astringent and wound-healing properties, are the best natural antiseptics.

Licorice extract also has a regenerating effect, as well as helps to reduce irritation, swelling on the skin and soothes it.

Grape seed extract improves blood microcirculation in capillaries.

Leave all the worries to nature about taking care of your skin!

MODE OF ADMINISTRATION: apply to clean dry skin in a thin layer 2-3 times a day, remove the remaining cream with a cotton swab.

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