Summer is a time for active holidays, both for adults and especially for families with children. The summer sun and warm air encourage you to spend more time outdoors. Moreover, its a perfect time for your planned vacation. However, there are also some risks that can ruin your summer vacation or simple day-walk.

One of these risks is  mosquito and insect bites.

Of course, with the beginning of the season, lots of solutions appears on the shelves to solve this problem. Anyway, loving parents should not only react to the bright color of these products, but make sure that when choosing any means for protection, the protection itself will be safe for the child's health, especially for infants.
Relying on 2 main aspects such as performance and safety, the Laboratory of the Italian brand Natura House developed a series of tools(Bye Bye Bites). 

The main advantage of the product series Bye Bye Bites is that all products of the series are allowed to be used for children from 3 months. The products are certified and have confirmatory tests from the manufacturer, supporting the safety, absence of allergic reactions and the corresponding safety of ingredients in the composition for use for children from 3 months.

Bye Bye Bites is a natural and safe product that does not irritate or pollute baby skin and is based on the 100% natural ingredients that reliably protect against bites, thanks to the natural essential oils of geranium and lemongrass.
The series includes 2 protective products - a 50ml protective roll and a 100ml protective spray.

Protective roll 50ml is recommended for use on the face, neck, ears of the baby and for the youngest on the whole body, so as not to frighten the baby and so that the child does not swallow the product.

Protective spray 100mlis recommended for use on a stroller, mosquito net, playpen and for older children on the whole body, with the exception of body parts with recommendations for using the roll.

But if, after all, there is a bite (you forgot to take it for a walk or forgot to reuse it after 1.5-2 hours), in such a case Bay Bay Bites Soothing Gel after bites 20ml will help you. The gel is made on the basis of distilled water with an extract of German medicinal chamomile and 13 essential oils, which relieve redness, swelling, itching. And since the consequences and manifestations after bites can persist for up to 3 days, and recover even in contact with the affected area, it is recommended to apply the product when the manifestations of the bite appear again.

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