Dry eyes or dry eye syndrome is a common disease. This "disease of civilization" is oddly enough associated with scientific and technological progress and, with improving the quality of our lives. Dry eyes occur in 10-30% of the adult population of Ukraine, and its frequency has increased 4.5 times over the past 30 years.

This disease is associated with deterioration in the quality of the tear or with a decrease of its quantity. A teardrop is not just a water film covering the eye. The teardrop consists of 3 layers that serve as a protection against infections and harmful external factors, as well as conducts oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the eye and serves as a thermal insulator.

Typical symptoms of dry eye syndrome cause the protective barrier weakens and the eye becomes more vulnerable to infections and harmful external factors (smoke, smog). Superoptic Aqua has been developed to reduce eye discomfort, and also protect eyes from harmful external factors and infections.

Superoptic Aqua is a moisturizing eye drops (artificial tears) based on sodium hyaluronate, which effectively eliminate the feeling of dryness, foreign object, pain in the eyes and blurred vision.


Superoptic Aqua should be used 1-2 drops 5-6 times a day if necessary.

Superoptic Aqua is available in the form of eye drops, 2 bottles of 5 ml in 1 package.

Manufacturer: Warsaw pharmaceutical plant Polfa JSC.

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