The Сompany "BaDM" has a large logistic infrastructure that can provide delivery of medicines and goods for health and beauty to any point in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.
For the constant supply of medicines and medical products directly to customers' retail stores, BaDM LLC operates:

  • regional structural units and representative offices throughout the territory of Ukraine.
  • warehouses with a total area of ​​more than 60 thousand m2, the capacity of which allows providing high-quality storage of more than 23,000 m³ of products.
  • 245 vehicles with a load capacity of up to 3.5 tons and 25 trucks with a load capacity of 20 tons.
All logistics processes in the company are under strict control of the rules of storage and transportation of drugs at the stage of distribution.
The "BaDM" has modern warehouse complexes of category A, specialized high-altitude techniques, uses modern technologies for the organization of warehouse logistics and processing of goods.
At the warehouses of the Company "BaDM" a unified system of work with the goods is implemented at all stages of storage - from delivery to the warehouse to shipment at retail. All this allows us quickly to collect and pack orders of customers.
To ensure a high level of service, the company has the ability to deliver the order up to 3 times per day directly to the outlet. The targeted delivery of the goods several times a day allows the client to plan the distribution of inventory. Also, customers are offered an additional service - urgent delivery, which the customer receives the goods within 3 hours from the moment of ordering.
We deliver the goods in accordance with the schedule, with the observance of all conditions of transportation and with the presence of obligatory accompanying documents. It is important for our customers and for us, of course, not only to observe the schedule and frequency of deliveries but also the supply factor of an exceptionally high-quality product. Therefore, only certified professional equipment is used to transport medicines and related products:
  • Thermos containers recommended for professional use when transporting medicinal products and medical immunobiological preparations (registration certificate No.4023/2005 of 25.06.2010)
  • Refrigerated transport vehicles for which validation is routinely carried out.
The delivery of goods directly to the customers' outlets - to the pharmacies, allows you to shorten the time from the moment of order to the receipt of the goods directly to the point of sale, thus reducing the lack of items and the need for working capital.
In addition, it is also a reduction in the cost of the customer to transport the goods from the warehouse to the pharmacy.
The well-established work of the logistics system of the Company "BaDM" allows customers to receive guaranteed quality goods with the necessary instructions and accompanying documents.

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