Advantages of working for BaDM

Let's become a part of the company "BaDM"!

  • The Company "BaDM" is one of the leading distributors in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. Being part of the "BaDM" team is an opportunity to work with the best company in the industry, learn from professionals, acquire new skills, grow continuously with the company.
  • The social importance of labor. If you are working in the Company "BaDM", you are making a significant contribution to the preservation of the health of the Ukrainian nation.
  • Stability and reliability. The company is responsible for its actions and for its employees, thereby guaranteeing you confidence in the future.
  • Employment according to Labor Code. You can be confident in protecting your labor rights.
  • Guaranteed leave (24 days per year). A great opportunity to fill up energy reserves, spend time with family and friends.
  • Fully-fledged deductions to the Pension Fund. Your financial future depends on your financial present.
  • The possibility of career growth. The company maximizes the potential of its employees and provides an opportunity for training, development, and promotion of the career ladder.

Be successful with The Company "BaDM"!

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