Life from inside

One of the leading distributors in the pharmaceutical market - the company "BaDM" rallied around its values ​​and missions of more than 2,500 employees who work every day for the health of the Nation. This is a huge, continuously working mechanism, where every person fulfills his function, and each person has value.
What does it mean to work in the Company "BaDM"?
There are:

  • Teamwork and  personal effectiveness
  • The ability to work individually and integrate into the team to achieve high results is one of the key components of the successful operation of our company.
Incorporated with a common goal, employees understand what their personal results should be and how they affect the outcome of the whole team. Developing their professionalism, respecting the personal contributions of colleagues in the common business, each employee is really appreciated both for his team and for the company as a whole.
Career advancement
Career growth is facilitated by the fact that with the advent of the vacancy, first of all, we are considering internal candidates, and only after that, we turn to external sources for searching personnel.
Friendly atmosphere
The company maintains a healthy working atmosphere when everyone has the opportunity to express their opinions and be heard.
Despite the fact that the number of our employees has long been estimated in thousands, the atmosphere in the company is very friendly. We can argue, we can be concentrated and focused, we can be cheerful and creative, we can be principled, we can support.
We are different, but all of us have a desire to make life around us better, and this thing gives strength to our team.

BaDM - We work for you!